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Sugar Baby Series Sonya Renee
Sugar Baby Series
$40.00 Regular price $60.00 Sale
Micro Baguettes Sonya Renee
Micro Baguettes
Regular price $24.00
Flat Cross Necklace Sonya Renee
Flat Cross Necklace
$48.00 Regular price $50.00 Sale
Bebe Sonya Renee
Heart Hugs CZ Sonya Renee
Heart Hugs CZ
Regular price $28.00
Drusy Dot Studs Sonya Renee
Drusy Dot Studs
Regular price $36.00
Micro Baby Posh Sonya Renee
Micro Baby Posh
Regular price $44.00
Dottie Necklace Sonya Renee
Dottie Necklace
Regular price $36.00
Gold Double Cuff Sonya Renee
Gold Double Cuff
Regular price $20.00
Tiny Bar Stud Sonya Renee
Tiny Bar Stud
Regular price $24.00
Baguette CZ Huggies Sonya Renee
Baguette CZ Huggies
Regular price $48.00
Posh Mini Sonya Renee
Posh Mini
Regular price $64.00
Caroline Necklace Sonya Renee
Caroline Necklace
Regular price $45.00
Micro heart studs Sonya Renee
Micro heart studs
Regular price $30.00
Multi Star Choker Necklace Sonya Renee
Multi Star Choker Necklace
Regular price $42.00 Sold out
Sabrina Necklace Sonya Renee
Sabrina Necklace
Regular price $65.00
Single Alphabet Studs Sonya Renee
Single Alphabet Studs
Regular price $18.00
Double Moon & Star Set Sonya Renee
Double Moon & Star Set
Regular price $40.00
Posh Sonya Renee
Regular price $98.00
Micro Drusy Ladder Studs Sonya Renee
Micro Drusy Ladder Studs
Regular price $36.00
Margaret Earrings Sonya Renee
Margaret Earrings
Regular price $45.00
Amy Necklace Sonya Renee
Amy Necklace
Regular price $44.00
JUST 14kt Gold Disc Sonya Renee
JUST 14kt Gold Disc
Regular price $235.00
Micro Beaded Chokers Sonya Renee
Micro Beaded Chokers
Regular price $50.00
Shimmer Necklace Sonya Renee
Shimmer Necklace
Regular price $36.00
Lil' Hugs Drusy Sonya Renee
Lil' Hugs Drusy
Regular price $44.00