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Beaded Fans Sonya Renee
Beaded Fans
Regular price $38.00
Mixed UP Hoops Sonya Renee
Mixed UP Hoops
Regular price $90.00
Micro Drusy Ladder Studs Sonya Renee
Micro Drusy Ladder Studs
Regular price $36.00
Lil Round Drusy Studs Sonya Renee
Lil Round Drusy Studs
Regular price $45.00
Small Drusy Teardrop Sonya Renee
Small Drusy Teardrop
Regular price $58.00
Keyhole - Gold Tone Sonya Renee
Keyhole - Gold Tone
Regular price $40.00
Micro Drusy Bar Studs Sonya Renee
Micro Drusy Bar Studs
Regular price $40.00
Drdusy Moon & Star Studs Sonya Renee
Drdusy Moon & Star Studs
Regular price $48.00
Bailey Earrings Drusy Sonya Renee
Bailey Earrings Drusy
Regular price $110.00 Sold out