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New Arrivals

Chloe bracelet Sonya Renee
Chloe bracelet
Regular price $38.00
Solo Moon Sonya Renee
Solo Moon
Regular price $28.00
Gennys Island Necklace Sonya Renee
Genny’s Island Necklace
Regular price $32.00
Twist latch hoops Sonya Renee
Twist latch hoops
Regular price $28.00
Gold Horn Sonya Renee
Gold Horn
$40.00 Regular price $44.00 Sale
40" Micro gem choker Sonya Renee
40" Micro gem choker
Regular price $130.00
Echo Gemstone Choker Sonya Renee
Echo Gemstone Choker
$48.00 Regular price $90.00 Sale
Ollie's Necklace Sonya Renee
Ollie's Necklace
Regular price $58.00
Shiny Gold Heart Sonya Renee
Shiny Gold Heart
Regular price $38.00
Royal Heart (enamel) Sonya Renee
Royal Heart (enamel)
Regular price $40.00
MIni mother of pearl heart Sonya Renee
MIni mother of pearl heart
Regular price $44.00
MIni Pink Heart Sonya Renee
MIni Pink Heart
Regular price $36.00
Jo Sonya Renee
Tanner Necklace Sonya Renee
Tanner Necklace
Regular price $48.00
Happy Face Necklaces Sonya Renee
Happy Face Necklaces
Regular price $40.00
Tropical Paradise Sonya Renee
Tropical Paradise
Regular price $52.00
Roman Coin Sonya Renee
Roman Coin
$40.00 Regular price $58.00 Sale